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    A joint-stock packaging company engaged in packaging machinery and logistics machinery manufacturing and sales for many years

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    Product name:YT-400A Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

    This series of vacuum packaging machines have the functions of vacuuming, sealing, printing, and cooling at one time. It is suitable for vacuum packaging of food, medicine, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components and other products. It can prevent oxidation and mildew of the product, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof. It can maintain the quality, keep fresh, and extend the storage period of the product.
    · The space of the vacuum chamber is small, which is suitable for packaging small-size products;
    · The double-chamber structure, left and right can be recycled, and the packaging speed is faster;

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    ◆ Basic Features:
    ◆ Products Show:
    ◆ Technical Parameters:

    Power supply: 220V/0.75KW
    · Sealing length: ≤400mm
    · Packing length: ≤280mm
    · Packing height: ≤100 mm
    · Sealing line: 10mm*2
    · Vacuum pump configuration: XD-020 (one set)
    · Ultimate vacuum: 200Pa
    ·Suction rate: 20m3/h
    ·Volume (mm): 960*580*980
    ·Weight: 120Kg