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    Product name:PP packing belt

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    ◆ Basic Features:

    · This PP packing belt is made of pure polypropylene material, no mixed waste, good color, strong tensile force, good adhesion, to ensure that your product packaging is firm and does not fall off.
    · Made entirely of new materials, lighter in specific gravity, same weight, longer in length, real high quality and low price.
    · This PP strapping product is more efficient with semi-automatic strapping machine, automatic and unmanned strapping machine

    ◆ Products Show:
    ◆ Technical Parameters:

    PP strapping
        PP strapping, material: polypropylene drawing grade resin, because of its good plasticity, strong breaking tensile force, bending fatigue resistance, low density, good tensile impact performance, easy to use and other advantages, it has been widely used in various fields. .
    ·Economical semi-automatic packing belt:
       ◇High strength, good toughness, soft texture
       ◇No water absorption, recyclable, smooth end surface
       ◇Small abrasion, many varieties, easy to use