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    Product name:LLDPE stretch film

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    ◆ Basic Features:

    The stretch film produced by the company uses VLDPE and LLDPE as raw materials, which has the advantages of good tensile performance, strong shrinkage, high transparency, good puncture resistance and self-adhesiveness. Whether it is used for collective packaging of products or pallet packaging of goods, it can achieve the purpose of moisture proof, dust proof, labor reduction, efficiency improvement and cost reduction. The film is widely used in bulk cargo pallet packaging. Such as: binding and packaging of building materials, chemical materials, glass, papermaking, canning, daily necessities, picture tubes, food and other industries.

    ◆ Products Show:
    ◆ Technical Parameters:

    Film width mm 500 500 500
    ·Film thickness μm 17 20 23
    ·Length/roll m 1500 1500 1500
    · Puncture
    resistance (DOW method) ·
    Puncture resistance N 29.5 35.0 40.5 · Puncture resistance energy J 1.7 2.4 3.1
    · Impact strength G 92.0 110.0 128.0
    Note: 1. Puncture resistance: a method researched by DOW Chemicals;
      2. Puncture resistance: the force used by a small probe to slowly pierce a thin film until it pierces;
      3. Puncture resistance energy: the energy used to pierce the film; unit: Joule J, impact strength; ASTM method-D1922
        4. Impact strength: the energy required to pierce a small hole in a film when the probe falls from a certain height; Unit: Gram