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    Performance acteristics of automatic winding machine

    Our company is a winding machine manufacturer. The following editor has compiled some content to lead everyone to know what are the performance characteristics of the automatic winding machine:

    1. Pull the film frame to make the packaging fit more closely.

    2. Partially strengthen the parts where needed to make the packaging more perfect.

    3. The turntable rises and stops slowly to prevent the goods from falling down instantly.

    4. The turntable is reset to ensure accurate positioning during transportation.

    5. The interval of the film is adjustable, and the packaging materials are more economical.

    6. It is convenient to adjust the number of wrapping layers and packaging times at the bottom and top.

    7. Photoelectric height measurement, which can automatically sense the height of the package.

    8. The overload protection is safe and reliable, maintenance is simple and easy to operate.

    9. First choice for manual and electric pallet trucks.